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Cape Town Design Town

Cape Town presents itself increasingly as a design city and will carry the title World Design Capital in 2014.

As a preview Henk Jochims and Dorine van Namen visited some design centres and festivals to find out what Cape Town has to offer as a design city.


Author: Henk Jochims and Dorine van Namen - 12th June 2011


The Port of Amsterdam - Cocoa and Cruise Passengers

Passengers In the 17th century, Amsterdam was the world's major port and the staple market for Europe. Later, London, and after that New York, took over the role of world's largest port, which has been firmly in the hands of Rotterdam since 1962. Amsterdam, currently the fifth-largest port in Western Europe, is important in some very special markets. ... This is especially the case for cocoa, where the Amsterdam port is number one in the world.


Author: Henk Jochims


Cultural Differences Affecting Business in the Netherlands

The Dutch have been traders for centuries, and have a fair amount of adaptation skills when doing business with other cultures. Companies establishing operations in the Netherlands do find there are things the Dutch do differently. It isn 't easy and it takes a great deal of time to recognize and interprete such differences which have a great impact on operating successfully in a country.


Author: Henk Jochims

Creativity and the City

In the fall of 2003 a congress was held in Amsterdam on 'Creativity and the City', based on the ideas of Richard Florida, professor in Regional Economic Development at the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. In his book The Rise of the Creative Class he argues that economic growth in our century will be created by well-educated and creative people. Jobs will go where these people can be found, which is mostly in environments with an attractive metropolitan climate.


Author: Henk Jochims